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out on a limb na.处于危险境地 孤立无援;超级女绑匪;处于孤立无援地位 例句 1.And some people suggest Infinity may be going too far out on a limb . 一些人认为英飞尼迪可能太孤立无援了。 2.When he reached the highest fork, he crawl...

让某人冒险去费周折 比如谢谢你为我冒这个风险。 Thank you for putting yourself out on a limb for me.

go out on a limb的释义有: 爬高枝 担风险 例句: Thank you very much for going out on a limb for me.你为我担风险,实在太感谢了。 We went out on a limb to finish our assignment.我们不顾一切完成任务。

way out on a limb的中文翻译_百度翻译 way out on a limb 误会

go out on a limb 孤立无援的境地 双语对照 例句: 1. In the absence of such a common front, what are the real limits to how far a country, fortunate enough to have its own currency and borrow in it, can go out on a limb? 鉴于我们...

这是一整句话吗?out on a limb是在争论中处于孤立无援的境地,我觉得全句也是这个意思。你在Friends第几季第几集中听到这句话的啊?我也看这个片的。 我看看这集再给你答复啊:)

纯手打,我真棒!! Making new friends mean ( putting) yourself out on a limb and asking others not only to accept you, but ot like you and...

本意是孤立无援 ,我对于这件事是门外汉,我对于你们的情况不太了解。

out on a limb 是孤立无助的意思~这里put yourself out there on a limb,后面又讲到saw the limb out from under you,然后联系你给出的上下文,大概...


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