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whom指代上文的 two girls,这里的whom是做非限定性状语从句,引导上文的意思,whom=two girls

这个歌的MV就是Lyrics。 埃我也大爱Evan。 不多说了,上歌词 Boy Meets Girl na nanana nana na na na na nanana nana na na na with a bang 伴随关门的砰一声 she was there 她就在那儿 yeah she blew apart 对,她现在心烦意乱 my cover wasn'...

选 c,在某人的房间词组为at one's room, 本句话的意思为Albert 说他在他的smith叔叔家见到了那个女孩

歌曲:quitter 歌手:carrie underwood here's how it goes boy meets girl, girl leaves boy【楼主说的那一句】 that's all i know all i've done, all my life 'cause throughout my history i've only been with jerks who couldn't take it ...

Leaves In The River" - Sea Wolf 歌词如下 I met a girl on Halloween she was drunk and I was lost and it was dark and cold out when we left As we walked the rain started the leaves softened with every step and all around us peopl...

She is the girl that I met yesterday 把"that"换成"whom" She is the girl whom I met yesterday


lt was in the village (that ) he met the girl. 这就是他见那个女孩的村庄。 注 It's. ...that. ... 是强调句



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