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Do CArE you

选C as far as i am concerned “就我而言“,固定词组

i do not care 我不在乎 双语对照 例句: 1. 24 I do not care for you. 13和你生活在一起的快乐。 2. I do not care about you. 我不关心你。 3. I make sure you get the money back.the money I do not care. 我要确保你的钱拿回来。这钱我不在乎

你好,很高兴为你解答! My friends all complain about keeping hairstyle unchangeable. but it does not mean I donot cherish my hair.adversely,I donot change my hairstyle for I think simple is beauty. 望采纳,谢谢

I don't care, go on and tear me apartI don't care if you do'Cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of starsI think I saw you'Cause you're...


英文原句:I care for you. 中文翻译:我关心你,我在乎你 拓展:care for与care about区别 1、Care for (1)like;=be fond of 喜爱 =be willing to do sth=wish to do sth= like to do sth(常用于否定句及疑问句,尤其与would连用更常见) 1)S...

why do you care about that?你为什么关心那个?

何必问呢 例句: 1. What do you care about my well-being? 我的健康关你什么事? 2. But what do you care? 但你在乎什么呢


i will not care you will和do重复,看你要表达什么意思


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