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DisAppoint Do

I only have a youth, I do not want to disappoint anyone, you really I really. 我只有一个年轻人,我不想让任何人失望,你真的真的我。

report sb. 告发某人 report to sb. 向某人报告 不定式作主语时,常用it 作形式主语,即用句型:It is + adj. / n. + (for / of sb. ) to do sth. It’s important for us to learn English well. It’s kind of you to help us. 注意:下面几个句...

问题是:我只会说实话,我不希望道歉 下面:每个人,你对我真,我对你真

表示能翻译,但语法不对 我只有一次的青春,我不想再失望了。你是真的,我便是真的。

we all love our parents,but sometimes there maybe confilicts between us and our parents,the reason is that they can't understand us well.i think the best sulution is that we and our parents should sit down and talk peacfully ,i...


一、非谓语动词的概念 动词的基本用法是作谓语.当句中已经有了谓语动词了,要选或要填的动词就只能用非谓语形式了. 非谓语形式有三种:1、...

I do not want to let my parents down

非谓语动词 非谓语动词(不能作谓语用)包括不定式、分词及动名词。 动词不定式 1.常用形式:一般主动式to do, 一般被动式to be done 完成主动式to have...

1.high 2.quiet 3.other 4.interesting 5.pleased 6.faster 7.more careful 8.the most difficult 9.hard 10.more, more beautiful 11.healthier 12.less, fewer 13.the stronger 14.The harder, the better 15.farther


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