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CAvE pAinting

第一句,是比较法国和西班牙的岩画与别的国家的岩画。 第二句,是先说英国有大量的煤炭,但是还没有很好的办法利用

1. No, I (wasn't) there (with) my parents. 2. We (need) some paintings (on) the cave wall. 3. And we also (need) some small art works made (by) Peking Man. 4. We really enjoyed (visiting) Peking Man's home.

基本句 the hypothesis that in painting the animal the cave artist painted a chiru. 这假设 : "在绘画那动物时, 那个洞穴艺术家一定是在画一只...

Cave paintings in France and Spain, however, are in recesses and caverns ... To give an example of other artists who painted in hidden locations 首先...


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