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A grEEn mAn

Hi,my name is Cindy.I have a good father.I like him very much. My father is a green man.He is tall and strong.He looks very cool.he is very busy every day.He likes helping people.So he often goes everywhere by his motor cycle.W...


是生手、嫩手、没经验的人的意思。相当于a green hand

he is a green man tom looks bule tody the factory was red last year when she knew this ,she went red i did him brown

グリーン・マン green man 没有经验的工作人员

有着大鼻子的那个人是新手。 分析:green hand 有"新手,没有经验的人"的意思 望采纳,谢谢

green man 英[ɡri:n mæn] 美[ɡrin mæn] 没有经验的工作人员; [例句]Have you any squibs, any green man in your shows? 你有爆竹吗?在你们表演中有放烟火的人吗?


you must wait for the green man



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